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Please note! This page is not updated as of October 1 2018. Please note that the School of Information and Communication Technology has been closed as of October 1 2018 as part of a large reorganization at AAU. This page will not be updated after October 1 2018, but sict.aau.dk will be accessible in the transition phase until a new solution is available.

AAU is  is a leading partner in knowledge transfer from the university to the surrounding society. At SICT we prioritise cooperation with our partners highly. Read more about what we can offer in terms of coooperation.


At SICT we greatly emphasize cooperation with private and public companies whether small, medium-sized or big. New knowledge is essential for all companies and organisations whether it is within embedded software, telecommunications, artificial intelligence or something else. New knowledge is not a standard product but something that is created. A partnership with students and scientists can in our view be a company’s shortcut to new knowledge. On the other hand cooperation with a company is also an important aspect in terms of transferring knowledge to students and scientists about problems and cases from the real world. Companies/organisations are on top of trends outside of the university and that knowledge is important to include in a partnership. In other words, we highly appreciate cooperation as it is of mutual benefit for both SICT and our partners.


Aalborg University has 19 departments that are each headed by the head of department. At the departments you will find all the students and the researchers. At Aalborg University we conduct research based teaching. This means that the teachers conduct research within the same area as they teach. For students this means that they have access to state-of-the art research and teaching along with passionate teachers.

Teaching is managed by Schools and research by the departments. At SICT we primarily cooperate with the following departments;

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Electronic Systems
  • Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Department of Development and Planning
  • Department of Energy Technology
  • Department of Communication and Psychology
  • Center for Industrial Production

Further information on research vbn.aau.dk at Aalborg University.

Educational institutions

At SICT we have a wide cooperation with other educational institutions both locally, nationally and internationally.  Among other things, we conclude cooperation agreements with other educational institutions. When in contact with potential students, SICT offers different arrangements, which you as an educational institution can benefit from.

SICT cooperate with primary schools and high schools through different offers such as lectures, assignments and lab experiments held by university teachers. The lectures are designed to fit with classes and also give the students opportunity to experience what is going on at a university. Meanwhile it is mixed with speaks from our current students, who are best at telling how student life is. For teachers, heads of schools etc., we have a number of networks where you can share experience and get new inputs to the daily work and further development. We can also contribute to the professional side of teaching at high school educations and we offer cooperation with teachers and schools. E.g. this could be lectures, lab assignments, help for third year assignments, seminars, project work and many other things.

If you, as a teacher, would like to hear more of the possibilities for cooperation, please contact us by sending a mail to sict@sict.aau.dk.