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Please note!  As of October 1 2018, all study curricula at Aalborg University can be found at studieordninger.aau.dk. The page below is not updated as of October 1 2018 and all valid curricula must be found at studieordninger.aau.dk.

Copenhagen (Bachelor)

Bachelor of Science in Medialogy, 2017

Bachelor of Science in Medialogy, 2014

Bachelor of Science in Medialogy, 2010

NB: The study programme ITCOM is moved to the Study Board of Electronics and IT as of September 1 2017. The curricula have therefore been moved to this page.

Problem based learning and project management

All students who have not participated in Aalborg University’s PBL introductory course during their Bachelor’s degree must attend the introductory course “Problem-based Learning and Project Management”. The introductory course must be approved before the student can participate in the project exam. For further information, please see the PBL module description.