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Please note! This page is not updated as of October 1 2018. Please note that the School of Information and Communication Technology has been closed as of October 1 2018 as part of a large reorganization at AAU. This page will not be updated after October 1 2018, but sict.aau.dk will be accessible in the transition phase until a new solution is available.

The page FORMS will however be updated in the transition phase.

On this page, you will find rules and guidelines, application forms for the School of ICT. 
You can also find link to rules and guidelines from The Faculty of Engineering and Science below.

ONLINE forms

As for the online forms they are made to ensure that you will include all needed information when you send an application. When you have filled in the online form, press “send” and the form is then sent to your student mail.
After this, you send the form to the study board secretary via your student mail. Remember to get relevant approval /signatures on the form before you send it to the study board secretary.

When you send in the form from your student mail you need not sign it – your student mail is just as valid as a signature.

When you apply as a group of students

When you apply as a group of students, all group members names, study numbers and email addresses are registered in the form. When you press “send” each group member receives the form as a pdf file at his/her student mail. After this each group member should send the form to the study board secretary (with the signature of the supervisor) via own student mail for the application to be valid.

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